“Davos PR Maven Nichole Rhodes taught me in New York that this will change everything about networks and how PR will be done in the future.” -Robert Scoble

Nichole Rhodes's Bio:

Nichole Rhodes. Finding the "possible" in "impossible." 


"Maestro of Big Ideas and Big Dreams" where often and regularly a sense of humor is required.  Other people may share with you that Nichole Rhodes is really really awesome at: 








Nichole Rhodes calls what she does each day... creating bad ass AAA video games, launching really cool brands like the one I own and I created because I love rock and roll, art, and making a difference in people's lives, re-inventing brands and perceptions of themselves… helping these brands create or revise their roles, build their model and character and mission - and while we're doing it we get excited and have fun doing it…


Once upon a time in 2009, Nichole was brought into work with the Government of Indonesia by the Ambassador in China and President Yudhoyono to be the International Spokesperson for Bali Green…. The goal was and is to make Bali the first green province in Indonesia… and they're doing it.


Nichole Rhodes has spent A LOT of time on planes and in far away lands. She's lived and worked in the Middle East and worked extensively with clients in Asia and Southeast Asia and had clients from just about every continent on the planet. 


Nichole's favorite city? (Other than New York City of course)

SEOUL, South Korea…and loves Kim Chi and Korean Barbecue in  Seoul's quaint bustling mini village of Myeongdong.

She also fell in love with London after many years of not being in love with London. She's kind of in love with Shoreditch. Nichole Loves Shoreditch. Tech Hub!


Current projects include: Top Secret AAA Video Game being developed with R&D in Hong Kong with the most incredible team on the planet who are like the most amazing video game developers in history, Cool tech startup with a social entrepreneur pioneering the business of driving and saving money and gas; a new television show about the ART OF CONVERSATION; a new program for entrepreneurs where Nichole works with hand in hand to revise, rebrand, and give them the tools to reach their goals and exceed their targets… 


 …and that's all we can think of right now... there's more fun stuff going on...  report back later.

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Marketing, Strategy, Public Relations, Communications, Emerging Markets, Luxury, Art, Philanthropy, Ballet, Music, MENA, GCC, South east Asia, Indonesia, Bali, BYD, China